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Reinforcements in wuhan, China

Xinhua Geneva, Jan. 30 (reporter Chen Junxia liu) on January 30th night local time, the world health organization director-general tam kung held a press conference in Geneva, stating that the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak is constitute a public health emergency of international concern. Tam kung stressed, who is not for even against to travel or trade embargo on China.

According to the international health regulations, when the infectious disease outbreak to satisfy the corresponding conditions, the director-general shall have the right to constitute the outbreak incidents. Since the international health regulations come into force in 2007, the who has issued several relevant epidemic for emergencies. Constitute a epidemic "" public health emergency of international concern, to mobilize more international resources to response to the outbreak.

Tam kung said at the news conference, Mr. Xi personally command, personally deployed, chairman of the epidemic prevention and control. China always adhere to the principle of transparency, publish the information in time, quickly identify virus and share genetic sequences, decisive strong measures to control the spread of the epidemic, reflect not only is responsible for the height of the local people's life and health, but also for disease prevention and control of the world's support. He believes that China will control and finally overcome the disease. To fight disease in China's efforts worthy of respect and admiration, worth learning. In fact, a lot of prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese is far beyond the requirements of dealing with emergencies, set up a new standard for national epidemic prevention work.

Tam kung, said the current epidemic is still in development, needs to do more research, especially in health system vulnerable countries to strengthen the outbreak response, this is for information release in the main cause of public health emergencies. Which is based on the global health security, implement evidence-based science and rational calm deal with necessary measures, to help other countries to take scientific and reasonable moderate epidemic prevention measures.

China CDC epidemiological chief expert zunyou wu said, issued a public health emergency of international concern, is the general practice in the who. China is now the prevention and control measures is the most stringent, it is very effective, we are confident that we can effectively control the outbreak, finally defeat the outbreak.